2019-04-15: Chathouse 3D Easter Update

We got some new sexy lingerie for the ladies including corsets and all kinds of net suits and bodies and of course we got some Easter decorations for custom rooms so the users can celebrate in style.
We also got a new community feature, all profile pages now have a "Notify" function. If a user enables the notify function for a profile he/she will get a notification each time somebody adds a post to this profile.

You find new ad material for this update in the images section.
This update is coming this week.

2017-11-16: Chathouse 3D Vintage Furniture Update

Today we got a nice set of vintage styled furniture for our customers to place in their custom locations with the RoomEditor.
The update includes nice set of living room essentials in different colors like couch, armchair, stool and a coffe table, further there is a new modern dining table including matching chairs and for the finish a vintage styled luxorious four-poster bed.

Browse the Chathouse 3D Shop here and take a closer look at this brand new content!

2017-01-26: Chathouse 3D - Escort Update

We're happy to announce another major feature update, the Escort Mode, for Chathouse 3D which will be released next week! This new game mode makes it possible for users to earn money while playing Chathouse 3D and still enjoy the security and privacy the game offers.

The Escort Mode is interesting for both, professional and amateur models as they have no schedules to meet or quantaties to fulfill.
Any user interested can create a thri.xxx account or use an existing one and register as an escort. After a short security check they will be able to start earning money by playing with others in Chathouse 3D. For every escort session they will play with others they will get paid per minute, that means, the more they play the more they will earn. They also have detailed statistics available to check their earnings and sessions.

For the other users, altough they are paying for the session, this ensures that there are always people available to play with. They can also make appointments with an escort which will try to fulfill fetishes or specials.

For you as an affiliate this means more playtime and revenue per user. You of course receive your regular share for each escort minute paid.

2016-04-27: Gothic Update

The update includes:

- Skull Top for girls
- Leather Midi Skirt for girls
- Leather Boots for girls
- Spike Necklace for girls
- Rivet Bracelet for girls
- Leather Top for boys
- Leather Pants for boys
- 2 types of Leather Boots for boys
- Rivet Necklace for boys
- Spike Bracelet for boys

2016-03-17: St. Patrick's Day Update

Right in time for St. Patrick's Day we have a new sexy green outfit for the girls in Chathouse 3D.

The update includes:

- Green Blouse
- Green Midi Skirt
- Green Over-knees
- Green High Heels

Additionally the users also have a new Green Theme for the thri.xxx website available!